Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Cake Thursday -- Khoi and Yin

October 10, 2010 -- Khoi and Yin's wedding! What a beautiful couple. I heard that 10/10/10 is a lucky day for weddings.

Real flowers and fondant-covered goodness!

This was the easiest set-up I've ever done. All I had to do was stack the tiers and put the ribbon in place. Their florist brought and arranged the flowers for me! I was so happy. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

I always blink when my picture is being taken, so Geoff suggested that I shut my eyes until he counted to 3. I still managed to mess it up, though. I don't even care, I'm going with it!

The memorable cake tasting...

Remember when Geoff broke his ankle last September? He was in surgery while the cake tasting was supposed to take place, so I was afraid I'd have to cancel. Fortunately, Khoi and Yin are our good friends, so they were fine with a venue change -- plus, they really wanted to be there when Geoff woke up.

We had the most surreal cake tasting EVER in Geoff's room while he was under the knife. It was a good distraction for us, and we still ended up waiting another hour or so before he was out of surgery.


I love this shot. It looks like champagne is getting all over the cake, but it's just the angle. The cake was unharmed.

Congrats, Yin and Khoi!

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